Recent Volcanic Activity for Russia (Feb. 15-25)

Image: a shot of the Kizimen eruption from the 9th of February.

The volcanic activity from KARYMSKY is still going strong this week.  Continued moderate seismic activity is evident, and ash plumes have risen to a height of about 4km and drifting 30 km Northeastward.

We also have continued activity from KIZIMEN (featured above). Seismic activity continues to be high and variable, with ash plumes reaching heights of around 2.7km and drifting more than 170km Eastward.

SHIVELUCH has also remained active recently with even more gas and steam visible and an eruption on the 22nd created an ash plume reaching altitudes nearing 3.4km and drifting Northeastward.


Image source:

James Hupp



One Response to “Recent Volcanic Activity for Russia (Feb. 15-25)”

  1. Alan Bates Says:

    Hi James

    Wow. Just, “WOW”.

    A superb picture showing the overwhelming power of the volcano compared to 2 puny, casual visitors.

    Could you give us just a little more information about science of the Kamchatka volcanic system? Just a thought to beef up the post …

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