Volcanic Activity in Japan and the Philippines

Volcano activity has been pretty quiet on the Pilipino front, not too much popping up news wise there. However ever since the end of January, Japan has had a bit of volcanic activity. Kirishima, which is considered to be one of Japan’s most active volcanoes, erupted on the 26th of January, and has had continued activity since. The eruption of Kirishima has caused the closing of many local train lines. The eruption of Kirishima has also produced lava fountains, lava flows and ash. The ash eruption itself reached a height of 25,000 feet. That’s almost five miles into the air, imagine that! And ever since then about 80 million tons of ash has fallen on the area around it since. There have also been explosions at Shinmoedake Volcano/Crater, nine to be exact. And apparently there is a large lava dome forming in the center which could lead to a pyroclastic flow, which as its ominous sounding name indicates, is very, very, bad.



One Response to “Volcanic Activity in Japan and the Philippines”

  1. Alan Bates Says:

    I have been enjoying these posts and I appreciate the work that goes into them! I guess your name is hidden in there somewhere but I couldn’t see it quickly so to me you are Anon – which is a pity. Stand tall – be proud!

    I know it’s a personal thing and others may totally disagree but the black background is striking and gives the opportunity to show off powerful photographs to attract the passing reader.

    Again, this is a volcano (or a volcano complex) about which I know little and it set me off on a quick search to see what photos there were easily available. Searching for Kirishima volcano in Google Images gave several stunning pictures that would have highlighted the post – there is a sizzling picture of the new dome and at least 2 with extravagant lightning.

    Unless it is against the house rules, I would suggest it is worth a quick search to see if any good pictures are available. The new dome, nestling in the crater really gave a feeling of menace (which you were trying to get over). If you don’t know how to handle pictures then get someone to show you.

    (A personal gripe – and again, your tutor/moderator might disagree – but IMHO “very” adds nothing to a scienitifc statement and “very very” takes away drastically. The use of “very” is like somone arm-waving because their arguments are weak. Yours aren’t.)

    Looking forward to enjoying your next post!

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