Earthquake in Japan!

As we all know, there’s been a great deal of activity in Japan. Many of us have been following the news, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there’s been a massive earthquake in Japan. The earthquake warranted a 9.0 on the Richter scale, the second biggest earthquake recorded. This earthquake had some devastating consequences for the people of Japan. The estimated damages alone could cost up to 309 billion US dollars. The earthquake was so strong that it moved Japan nearly 8 feet closer to the States, and it caused a tsunami that caused even more damage. As of now there are 11,004 deaths, 2,778 injured, and 17,339 missing. To add insult to injury the earthquake caused explosions at multiple nuclear power plants, and the radiation contaminated much of their food supply.

However the people of Japan can’t relax just yet, the worst is not yet over. It is possible that the earthquake could trigger some of the many active volcanoes that are in Japan. Kirishima has already had a small eruption.

Here are some images of destruction the earthquake has caused:

Japan after the earthquake


And above ^ you can watch as the tsunami comes in.




Priya Nalluri

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