Maderas, Nicaragua

Volcan Maderas is a stratovolcano in Nicaragua that has an elevation of 1394 m (4,573 ft) and sits as an island in Lake Nicaragua. Since Maderas is located on a body of water, it produces highly basaltic-to-dacitic material. Inside the bottom of the 800 m crater lies Laguna de Maderas, which is located on the western side of the central graben. On the NE side of the volcano lay many pyroclastic cones, though little volcanic activity has been reported. Despite Volcan Maderas’ size and appearance, no eruption has been recorded in historical times. A lahar traveled down the east side of the volcano, killing six people in a local village, but the cause of the lahar was not confirmed volcanic.

Sources: Global Volcanism Program and Hotel Travel Tour

Zara Holderman, April 19, 2011

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