Giant Rats, Parrots, and Frogs with Fangs..OH MY!

In light of the lack of recent activity in the Papua New Guinea region, I wanted to share a fun fact about one of the island’s volcanoes. Mount Bosavi is described as an “eroded volcanic cone, with a caldera.” Mount Bosavi is located within Papua New Guinea’s lush rainforest, tucked away from the untrained researcher. The volcano is 2.7 kilometers high and the crater is one kilometer deep and   four kilometers wide. The last eruption of Mount Bosavi was 200,000 years ago. This volcano is not active, but within it life has been discovered.

The British Broadcasting Channel (BBC) sent a film crew and biologists from Oxford University, the London Zoo, and the Smithsonian Institute on an expedition to Papua New Guinea in 2009. This was set in motion after many of PNG’s rain forests began to fall into danger  Over forty new species, including giant rats, frogs with fangs, and a new species of bat! The Bosavi wooly rat is one of the largest rats in the world weighing 1.5 kilograms and measuring 82 centimeters long. A multitude of species of rats and mice live in Papua New Guinea due to the fact that predators like big cats and monkeys are few in number. Other species like  the camouflaged gecko, a net-dropping spider, and the world’s smallest parrot were also found upon investigation of Mount Bosavi.

Papua New Guinea is one of the least explored places on the face of this earth, but as this blog post reveals, the beautiful island and its volcanoes have a lot to offer the world!

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  1. BBC is Company, not Channel.

    You have one sentence without a subject and a verb – ie. incomplete.

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