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Volcanic Activity for Russia March 30 to April 8

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A Map of Kamchtka

KARYMSKY: Increased seismic activity between March 25 through April 1, with thermal anomaly being detected along with ash plumes reaching heights of 5km and drifting 55km in many directions.

KIZIMEN: Volcanic earthquakes continue at a high rate, with a possible eruption on April 1 producing an ash plume that rose to 4.3km and drifted East. Another possible eruption occurred on April 6.

KLIUCHEVSKOI: Possible eruption on the 30th of March, producing an ash plume rising to 5.2km and moving Eastward.

SHIVELUCH:Increased seismic activity with a multitude of ash plumes reported.


Weekly Volcanic Activity For Russia Week of Feb. 2-8

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A map of the Volcanoes in Kamchatka, Russia

BEZYMIANNY– Reports of minimal seismic activity along with gas and steam activity has been observed within the past week.  The Tokyo VAAC has also reported a significant ash plume on the 4th of February that rose to 4.6 km in height.

KARYMSKY– Some seismic activity has been reported in recent days, and some ash plumes may have risen to 4.7km in height and drifted approximately 120 km East.

KIZIMEN– High seismic activity from this volcano, but variable within the last week. Ash plumes rose to 6.1 km in height and drifted 430 km East. A second ash plume was reported on the 8th of February that reached a height of 4km.

SHIVELUCH– A moderate amount of seismic activity has been reported recently, with frequent volcanic earthquakes and gas and steam activity has been observed. Ash plumes reported recently rose to heights of around 6 to 8 km and drifted 120km northeast. A second ash plume was noted as rising to 4km in height and drifting Eastward on the 8th of February


James Hupp 2/15/2011