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In early March the Indonesian volcano Karangetang began to show signs of being active and potentially dangerous. By mid March the country’s National Disaster Management Agency had evacuated up to 1,200 people from the two villages built on the slopes of the volcano.

The 7,500 feet high volcano, Karangetang, being one of the country’s most active volcanoes had already erupted in August, killing four people. By March 21st lava flows had started to run down the flanks of the mountain.

Seismicity had decreased by March 24th, and the warning level was lowered to a 3.


Another volcano to have erupted on the same weekend as Karangetang was Mount Merapi. By that Saturday ( March 19th) it had already buried 21 houses. The eruption has claimed no lives, and few injuries.


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Ecuadorian Update!!

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The above picture is of Reventador’s large eruption back in 1976.  Although it has had eruptions since this was by far biggest.  Photo credit to Photo Atlas

Recently this week there have been several very interesting things that have been happening in Ecuador.  The first of which is the eruption of Reventador, which is a Stratovolcano that is located around 90 kilometers outside of Quito the capital.    In its fairly young history this volcano has erupted just about every 2-4 years.  It is arguably the most active volcano in the country at this time.  This eruption has not  attracted a lot of attention because it is a fairly common occurrence and the mountain itself is located in a very rural area where very few people live.  This current eruption is small consisting of mainly lava flows. (link is in Spanish)  Sorry for the language barrier but it seems that the Ecuadorians themselves are the only ones paying any heed to this eruption.    Several other things of relatively small importance have occurred over the last week.  It seems that over the last few days, there have been a series of earthquakes that are around a four on the richter scale.  The good news is that no property damage has been caused and there has been no one injured in these recent seismic events. Yet again I apologize for the language barrier I tried to find something in English but to no avail.

Jack Cowie, 2/22/2011

Mount Etna, February 18 Eruption

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On February 18, Mount Etna erupted, only 36 days after its previous one. Both prior to, and after the eruption, there were a series of mild earthquakes, which is not unusual for the area. An updated version of the seismic activity in Sicily can be found here, with options for 7, 15, and 30 days prior to the current day.

The eruption itself came from the SE crater, just as in January of this year. The activity can be classified as Strombolian, with pulsating lava fountains, and light ash fall. It lasted for 11 hours, though much of the eruption was obscured by cloud cover. This can be seen by contrasting photos from this eruption and the January eruption.

The above photo of the February 18 eruption can be found here.

In contrast, this photo of the January 11-12 eruption allows for a clear view of the lava flow. It can be found here.

By Khia Johnson, 2/28/11