Volcanic Activity in the USA and Mexico for 2/7-2/11/2011

Hawaii is one of the most volcanically active places on Earth, as effusive eruptions are continuous pretty much all of the time. Recently in Hawaii, USGS reports are keeping track of ongoing seismicity within the upper east rift zone. Geologists describe this rift zone as a growing concern. Earthquakes have been rocking the volcano reigon, including a 3.8 magnitude jolt that shook the Volcano area Thursday, February 10th at 8:30am. Kilauea in Hawaii has had ongoing activity.

Aside from Hawaii, another earthquake (4.3 magnitude) also hit the Mount St. Helens area Monday Frebruary 14th at 10:35 a.m. on the east side of Spirit Lake. However, this is not a huge concern dealing with volcanic activity, because this earthquake was of the crustal variety rather than the magmatic.

Lava Lake on Hawaii’s Kilauea Rising Steadily

Strong Earthquake Hits Mount St. Helens

By Sarah Nye, Tuesday, February 15th, 2011


One Response to “Volcanic Activity in the USA and Mexico for 2/7-2/11/2011”

  1. Alan Bates Says:

    Hi Sarah

    I have been looking through the class contributions and enjoyed ALL of them. 2 minor comments:

    A photo (or even a couple – Hawaii & Mt St Helens) would be good, especially if you could find something different, spectacular or beautiful.

    The formatting of the title line was broken. I know it’s a matter of style but I would have missed out the “for” and put all the rest on a new line. Picky? Probably … Also, you might like to note that different conventions are used for dates in different countries. In the UK we use dd/mm/yy so I had to think hard what time period you were commenting about. Maybe, “7th to 11th February 2011” would have suited both sides of the Pond?

    I doubt very much if I could have done as well as a first year student but, then, I am 65 and that was far to long ago to want to remember!

    Alan (mature – in age at least – student from the Open University, UK)

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