Ecuadorian Update!!


The above picture is of Reventador’s large eruption back in 1976.  Although it has had eruptions since this was by far biggest.  Photo credit to Photo Atlas

Recently this week there have been several very interesting things that have been happening in Ecuador.  The first of which is the eruption of Reventador, which is a Stratovolcano that is located around 90 kilometers outside of Quito the capital.    In its fairly young history this volcano has erupted just about every 2-4 years.  It is arguably the most active volcano in the country at this time.  This eruption has not  attracted a lot of attention because it is a fairly common occurrence and the mountain itself is located in a very rural area where very few people live.  This current eruption is small consisting of mainly lava flows. (link is in Spanish)  Sorry for the language barrier but it seems that the Ecuadorians themselves are the only ones paying any heed to this eruption.    Several other things of relatively small importance have occurred over the last week.  It seems that over the last few days, there have been a series of earthquakes that are around a four on the richter scale.  The good news is that no property damage has been caused and there has been no one injured in these recent seismic events. Yet again I apologize for the language barrier I tried to find something in English but to no avail.

Jack Cowie, 2/22/2011

2 Responses to “Ecuadorian Update!!”

  1. Alan Bates Says:

    Hi Jack!

    Another one to put their feet in the water only to find it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be! (Or did it feel worse???)

    Great photo – again, the black background does wonders for setting off a volcano picture with the dramatic “cauliflower” shaped clouds.

    As a pedant, I’m glad you didn’t get caught out on the use of “its”; belonging to it: “it’s”; contraction of it is. There are people like me who notice such things. To get it wrong would prejudice some people against the rest of your content. Yes, I know it’s not fair but whoever told you life was going to be fair? Everything in life is 6 : 5 against!!

    Beware the use of “very” in science writing. It rarely adds anything and often takes away. What does “very rural” mean that “rural” does not say? What does “very few” people say that “few” does not? If it really matters in context then say how far from the nearest town or the population density or number of people at risk.

    Finally (as in, when is he going to shut up …?) Something I learnt in public speaking (and writing): NEVER APOLOGIZE.*

    THANK YOU for taking the effort to find material, even if in a foreign language. If you are really concerned then suggest to the reader how he can get a machine translation on the internet. I know its around – ask someone to help if necessary. NEVER RUN YOURSELF DOWN. STAND TALL. BE PROUD.

    Best wishes


    * “I’m sorry, but you should NEVER apologise.”

    (The only time you might apologise is if you KNOW you didn’t put the effort in. But if you know that – Put the effort in instead of apologising!! However, you have nothing to apologise for here!)

  2. Thanks for the news update – by the way, the spectacular photo above is of the very large November 2002 eruption, not of 1976 (see the following link for a scientific publication discussing the development of the eruption column at the onset of the 2002 eruption)

    Click to access reventador_GRL.pdf

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